Karin Rehnqvist’s work for symphony orchestra and choir, Silent Earth (with lyrics by Kerstin Perski), got its world premiere set in Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.

New scheduled date for the performance is now set for January 29, 2022 (!) With The Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Netherlands Radio Choir, with conductor Dima Slobodeniouk.

Silent Earth is also scheduled for the Baltic Sea Festival, Stockholm, in August 2020. What would become the Swedish premiere could be a world premiere. But it remains to be seen …

The Opera Stranded stranded

The lengthy project with Karin Rehnqvist’s full evening opera Drifted / Strandad for the Royal Opera in Stockholm – also here with the libretto by Kerstin Perski – continues to drag on over time.

– Maybe just as good, comments the chastened composer, who since 2008 has seen her opera work advanced and advanced.

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