In Orbit was composed for Alpaca Ensemble of Trondheim, and premiered at the Stangvik Festival, Norway, in July 2016. The piece is for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (+ a toy piano).

Karin Rehnqvist describes the work:
– Like planets wheeling through the sky, this music spins across the stage. It traverses space, opening expanses where notes and melodies can resonate. The folk tradition grounds its scales, tunes, and techniques.

– The piano appears as a marvelous box of sounds that can be operated in many ways – not just from the keys. Its walls hold strings both thick and long, thin and small, that can all be played directly.


Like planets, the musicians all move in orbits of their own.

Now you can see and hear this moving quartet; from a performance, in March 2017, at Musikaliska in Stockholm, during the festival Svensk Musikvår:
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Musicians: Else Bø – piano, Sigrid Elisabeth Stang – violin, Marianne Baudouin – cello, Rolf Borch, clarinets.



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