For the first time there was a complete performance of the choir piece When I Close My Eyes I Dream of Peace composed for mixed choir by Karin Rehnqvist in 2015.

The performance took place in a concert with the Oslo choir Schola Cantorum in Arvika Church October 15, 2016. Conductor: Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl.

Here is a review:

A monumental work from 2015 by Karin Rehnqvist (1957–) received its first performance: When I Close My Eyes I Dream of Peace.

Rehnqvist creatively uses freestanding phonemes as a musical foundation to evoke a feeling of pax hominibus, drawing forth language from the cherished dream of peace that is as ancient as war itself. Archetypal sounds, the collected echoes of shepherd girls calling in the mountains, draw nearer as the piece progresses.

The choir’s movement in the room lends the music the weight of a natural phenomenon and a spiritual profundity, culminating in wholly realistic herding calls now intermingled with the yearning undertones of the dream: Peace!
What fabulous music!

– Sverker Magnusson, Arvika Nyheter/Nya Wermlands-Tidningen

Read Karin’s programme note here




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