Then maybe it’s time for the premiere of a Karin Rehnqvist new piece from 2021: Musik i natten/ Night Chant.

The premiere with the chamber music ensemble Norrbotten NEO was first planned for the Swedish Music Spring festival, Stockholm, in March 2021. It was canceled.

The next opportunity for Norrbotten NEO to perform the piece was planned for the Båstad Chamber Music Festival in early July. It was also canceled.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the premiere can be in Luleå on October 12, 2021, in connection with the tour Norrbotten NEO then begins; the concerts continue in Piteå on 13/10, in Stockholm’s concert hall on 15/10, in Östersund on 17/10 and in Umeå on 19/10.

Night Chant is written for seven instruments – alto flute, bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, viola, and cello – and composed for Norrbotten NEO to order Norrbotten music.

Sensitive senses in the night

About iNght Chant, Karin Rehnqvist says:

– At night, our senses are sensitive. Sound is experienced louder, light sharper. You have to be careful.

– Night Chant is about this when the senses are wide open. It should color the performance, played with the hearing set at night. The sound is therefore warm and dark, the shades are never really strong. You have to direct your ears to the music, meet the music.

– Flute and bass clarinet begin with singable motifs where dynamics and ornaments are important elements. The melodies seem to articulate. Every now and then the sound shakes, when a large vibrato grows out of the dynamics.

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