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A winner for lovers of new music

Else Bø, piano, Marianne Baudouin Lie, cello, Sigrid Elisabeth Stang, violin. For Alpaca Ensemble, Norway, Karin Rehnqvist has written the

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All the choral works by Karin Rehnqvist

Since 1983, she has composed choral music for all kinds of ensembles: treble choir, powerful girls' choir, women's choir, men's

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The choral fair in Hanover – with Karin Rehnqvist

A trade fair for choirs, and an exhibition of all that belongs to choir life, is taking place in the

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Le Chant: delayed Swedish premiere

Karin Rehnqvist has composed some short poems by the French poet Eugène Guillevic (1907–1997) – Le Chant. The piece, which

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Premiere of a new piece – Night Chant

Then maybe it's time for the premiere of a Karin Rehnqvist new piece from 2021: Musik i natten/ Night Chant.

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In my music, trumpets are not allowed to play fanfares.
I do not use the kettledrums to emphasize the important thing during climax.
The French horns are not heroic.

No, with me the female voices are allowed to stand for the fanfares, they are allowed to signal,
and the kettledrums are allowed to sing their own songs, perform their own line.