A musical work that weaves contemporary chamber music with Nordic folk music into a unique dramatic composition. This is how this monodrama, Blodhov, for mezzo-soprano and eight instruments has been described.

A rape depiction in a strongly touching chamber music format. Duration, 40 min.

Composed by Karin Rehnqvist with Icelandic texts by Gerdur Kristný.

Blodhov was performed by Lena Willemark and ensemble research from Freiburg in a crowded Royal Hall at the Royal. College of Music (KMH) on February 5, 2020.

The performance left no one untouched. As of today, Karin Rehnqvist’s acclaimed and award-winning works in full are available to watch and listen to KMH’s YouTube channel.

Nine long nights

From the victim’s perspective, onlookers get to see, hear, and feel the story of the giant woman Gerður. God Freyr falls in love with Gerður and on the mighty black horse Blodhov (Bloodhoof) he sends his servant Skirnir to fetch her. When she does not go on voluntarily, she is forced under threat and is then subjected to abuse for nine long nights.

Karin Rehnqvist, professor of composition at KMH, Stockholm, found the violent poetry suite Blodhov just before she started writing. She uses art to illustrate and shape things that happen in our society on a deeper level.

– It became so roaring news all of a sudden. Violence against women is always on the agenda, but with me too movement, it suddenly became such a focus, says Karin Rehnqvist.

1. Memories
2. Spring
3. Skírnir
4. Lament
5. Sabre-toothed darkness
6. No
7. Mother
8. In my mind I fly home
9. Nine nights of fear

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