– lament for saxophone quartet and female voice


– Klagosång /Lament; ca 7,5 min

– Jag lyfter blicken/ I lift up my eyes to you; ca 4 min

– Måste ock av törnen vara/…and also thorns; ca 4 min

– Rädda mig ur dyn/ Rescue me from the Mire; ca 4,5 min

Duration ca 21 min

Rädda mig ur dyn (movt 4) could also be performed separately.


The human voice and the saxophones have a lot in common. The breathing of course, but also something in the timbre. Especially when the voices uses an archaic style of singing/calling, called “kulning”. This is a technique used in Swedish folk music, traditionally employed outdoors, to call animals or to communicate with other people over long distances. Sung at full volume in a high register without vibrato it is very powerful.


In the musical material of this piece some old Swedish traditional chorals are hidden.

The texts are from The Book of Psalms and the Swedish Hymnal.


Composed for Susanne Rosenberg and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. Commissioned by Rikskonserter





1. Zion laments forth great pain/ Weeps in desolation/ Pours out suffering and shame/ To the heart’s creation./ Says the Lord my God/ Abandoned me on this shore/ To be rescued nevermore/ Bereft of staff and rod.(Swedish Hymnal)

Save me, O God,/ for the waters have come up to my neck./ I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold./ I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me./ I am worn out calling for help;/ my throat is parched./ My eyes fail, looking for my God. (Book of Psalms 69:1-4)


2. I lift up my eyes to you,/ to you whose throne is in heaven / I lift up mine eyes/ I lift up my hands/ Whence cometh my help? (Book of Psalms 123:1 and more)


3. It must also thorny be/ This thy crown, my bride./ Thy tears the brightest pearls of the sea/ Mournful songs, thy sighs/ Raise up now thine eyes and see/

Beyond this worldly misery/ Heavens opened, palm conceived/ Blessed crown of life achieved.(Swedish Hymnal)


4. Rescue me from the Mire (Book of Psalms 69:14)
English translation, except those from the Bible, by Linda Schenck