I raise my hands – dedicated to Bo Johansson

The piece Jag lyfter mina händer/ I raise my hands (towards God’s hill and house) is dedicated to the choral conductor and music pedagogue Bo Johansson (1943–2016). Bo founded the Adolf Fredrik’s Girls’ Choir, which he led for 38 years. The choir reached fame for their special girls’ choir’s sound and unconventional concert programmes.

Bo developed choral singing in all its aspects with plenty of humour and with great imagination.

He conducted workshops and masterclasses all over the world and never ceased to be curious about new music, always looking for more challenges.

To me he was a great source of inspiration and a dear friend.

– Karin Rehnqvist

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I raise my hands towards God’s hill and house.
Until them he sends his help and shines his light.
The Lord grants me help, who made heaven and earth;
He hears my prayers and shelters me forevermore

He does not let my feet stumble, for he is
a guardian, unwearied and always by my side.
He keeps me in his grace and protects me from falling,
guarding me day and night —

A sound recording from the first performance, May 2018 in Stockholm. Maria Magdalena Chamber Choir conducted by Mats Nilsson.