After a long process of testing and composing is finally the latest work by Karin Rehnqvist ready for its first performance.

Blodhov/ Bloodhoof will be premiered at the Gothenburg Concert Hall the 24th of May (during the Point Music Festival) – a monodrama for mezzo-soprano and eight instruments. Duration: 42 minutes.

Gerdur Kristný

The poetry suite, written by the Icelandic poet Gerdur Kristný, has its origins in the macho world of the Nordic gods. But here, Kristný and composer Karin Rehnqvist turn the perspective around.

How do the women of  the story see things, and in what way is that valid today?

’Across the sky crept the darkness, full of fangs…’

Sometimes, only a handful of words are needed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Singer Lena Willemark and Ensemble Recherche from Freiburg deliver loaded chamber music drama.

The clattering of hooves
on the slabs of rock
was like breaking of bones
Skirnirs voice rose
over dusk-covered trees


nine nights’ worth 
of fear
one night
after the other
each worse
than the last

Texts from the poem Blodhov (Bló∂hófnir, Boodhoof) by Ger∂ur Kristný, translated from Icelandic into Swedish by John Swedenmark, adapted by Karin Rehnqvist and Svante Grogarn. Sung in Swedish.

Blodhov/ Bloodhoof was commissioned by Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency), with additional support from Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse.

Illustration by Jenny Soep.

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