SLEEP NOW – a lullaby drama for soprano, bass flute and double bass.
(alternative version with alto flute).

Lullaby: Sally Beamish
Whisperings: Karin Rehnqvist

Durata ca 9 min

Sleep now, is a lullaby in the form a minidrama.
A mother is trying to sing her baby to sleep, which isn’t always easy! It can take a long time. As she sings her soothing lullaby, she grows more and more impatient, but of course this only makes matters worse. All the chores she has to remember run through her head at once, whispering: ”Have to wash, mustn’t forget to call mum, did I feed the cat?”

Composed for Trio Ek/ Janson/ Svensdotter with support from Swedish Arts Council.

First performance at Magnet Festival, Vara Concert House, 2 Oct 2015.




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