– a fairy tale for actress, orchestra and audience


Libretto by Kerstin Perski,
translated into English by Linda Schenck
duration ca 35 minutes


Daphne is a young deer, watched over like all the other animals, by the goddess Artemis. Unlike the others, she longs to be daring and bold, to test her limits. And yet she is also little, anxious, and abandoned. This classical story arises out of the tensions between orchestra and narrator, child and adult, animal and human, bold and timid, as Daphne explores her destiny and discovers what it means to be a mortal girl.


When the Earth Sings is conceived as a music drama, which means the actress should be acting during the whole piece.


The audience is asked to join Daphne in a verse and a short song. This should, as a suggestion, be rehearsed with the audience before the piece begins.