In Tromsø, Norway, Karin Rehnqvist is Composer In Residence at ‘the arctic university of Norway’, University of Tromsø, up in the North.

During the last week of February (20–26 Feb) there will be lots of seminars and workshops, rehearsal sessions – and concerts at The Faculty of Fine Arts.

17 works
by Karin Rehnqvist will be performed:

Wings for solo flute 
Valv/ Vaults for wind quintet
Beginning for piano trio
Rädda mig ur dyn/ Rescue me from the Mire for soprano and clarinet
3 Christopher Robin-sånger/ Three Christopher Robin songs  for song and piano
Jag lyfter mina händer/ I raise my hands for soprano and saxophone 
Psalm ur natten/ Hymn from night for solo saxophone
Så går en dag/ Thus goes a day for soprano 
Dans/ Dance for piano
Det mörknar över landet/ Dark falls across the country for song, flute, oboe, 2 vlc 
Musik till den sovande/ Music for a sleeper for barytone, 2 vl, cl, timpani 

Ock av törnen/ …and also thorns
Puksånger – Lockrop/ Timpanum songs – Herding calls

Taromirs tid/ Time of Taromir
Raven Chant

Ensemble Alpaca and Rolf Borch (cl):
Långt borta och nära/ Far away and close – for solo clarinet and ebow
In Orbit

Alpaca Ensemble with Rolf Borch (cl), 
Konsen Sinfonietta (conductor Kai Grinde Myrann), 
Tromsø academic women’s choir (conductor Bjarne Isaksen), 
Berit Norbakken Solset with Konsen Saxofonkvartett
Marianne Beate Kielland,
students and staff at the Faculty of Fine Arts (as soloists and in chamber music ensembles).


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