– I write these words at the end of a hot, dry summer in Sweden and much of northern Europe. It has not rained for three months, Karin comments.

– Wildfires have raged; temperatures have topped 30ºC for weeks on end. The heat is new and frightening. Is this the climate change that scientists have been warning us about for so long? What can we do? What must we do? Right now.

– I had no presentiment of the drought and heat in April, when I was writing the last movement of this piece. It is a prayer for rain, but when I read the traditional Navajo lines, it was beauty that captured my imagination:

In beauty may I dwell.
In beauty may I walk –
In beauty may it rain on us –

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Day is here! was composed for Musica Vitae and Vokalharmonin, conducted by Fredrik Malmberg. World premiere in August, 2018.

Financial support was provided by the Swedish Arts Council.

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