The Swedish magazine for classical music, OPUS, publishes the so-called OPUS list every year in December.  20 people or organizations in Swedish music life as “everyone made a difference during the past year of music. Persons that won, renewed, improved or simply just been senselessly good.” OPUS, publishes the so-called OPUS List every year in December.

In 2018 Karin Rehnqvist ends up in a raised fourth place, with the motivation:

Karin Rehnqvist belongs to the Swedish composer elite and is a professor in composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.Here, she was not only the first female student in the composition program but also the first female professor and also founder of the KVAST network (Association of Swedish Female Composers). Karin Rehnqvist has, as the first woman, been noted this year with a new biography in the musical academy’s major series about Swedish composers.

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