Latest album
Works by Karin Rehnqvist – CD premiere

Light of Light
for children's choir and symphony orchestra

Quem chama? Who's that calling?
happening for a concert hall, two sopranos and instrumental ensemble

Salve Regina – Heavenly Queen
for mixed choir and chamber ensemble

Music for a sleeper
for baritone, clarinet, 2 violins and tympani

Rescue me from the Mire
for soprano and alto saxophone


To the Angel with the Fiery Hands
for oboe and mixed choir

for high soprano, mixed choir and symphony orchestra

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Light of Light »
Adolf Fredrik Girls' Choir, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Manfred Honeck, cond.

Quem chama? Who's that calling? »
Marie Axelsson, Johanna Bölja Hertzberg, Remix Ensemble, Frank Ollu, cond.

Salve Regina – Heavenly Queen »
Nederlands Kamerkoor, Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjard, cond.

Music for a sleeper »
Olle Persson, baritone, Per Johansson, clarinet, Christiano Gualco o Paolo Andreoli, violin, Bo Håkansson, tympani

350 performing musicians
and singers:






Label: Sterling,
CDM 3002-2

T.T: 73:01


Booklet: 36 pages with programme notes, lyrics, photos and biographies


In “Light of light” by Karin Rehnqvist, a piece for children’s voices and symphony orchestra, a completely unique glow arises when the harmonies of the children’s choir merge with those of the orchestra. And there is also heat, for instance when the trumpets come in and the music takes shape as a bright cry from the Book of Proverbs: You who are simple, gain prudence; You who are foolish, gain understanding.” In the vocal works collected on this live disc the cry is central: as a lament, a herding call or a shout for help.
These cries may be focused inward or outward. For instance, in “Quem chama?” recorded at the Casa di Musica in Porto, Portugal, where the music seems to be standingKRcdLiveartistcollage4720 on tiptoe so that the heartrending herding calls and the unanswered question underpinning them (‘Who’s that calling?’) will make itself heard right out across the Atlantic Ocean. Or in the gentler, more rocking cry in “Salve Regina” for chamber choir (recorded in Amsterdam), in which humanity, sighing, grieving and in exile, pleads for the salvation of the world.

From Torekov church a solo baritone voice cries out across the Kategatt to the throbbing percussion accompaniment of “Music for a Sleeper”. Here the music shouts out to awaken us to an insight about the way in which the universe resounds in each of us with a magnificent “Awake!” that also opens Karin Rehnqvist’s shockingly beautiful “Hymn”, recorded in Storkyrkan, the Stockholm cathedral, and composed for the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling, in which the narrator is dawn itself, in all its radiance.


Best tracks: “Light of light,” “To the Angel with the Fiery Hands” and “Hymn”.

– Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter

“Shockingly beautiful vocal piece”

Adolf Fredrik Girls’ Choir, Bo Johansson, choir master | Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra | Manfred Honeck, conductor | Marie Axelsson, Johanna Bölja Hertzberg, voices | Remix Ensemble | Franck Ollu, conductor | Nederlands Kamerkoor | Nieuw Ensemble | Ed Spanjaard, conductor | Olle Persson, baritone | Per Johansson, clarinet | Cristiano Gualco and Paolo Andreoli, violin | Bo Håkansson, tympani | Lotta Tejle | Thérèse Brunnander | Swedish Chamber Choir | Simon Phipps, conductor | Geoffrey Cox, oboe | Either/Or | Ulrika Bodén, voice | Geoff Landman, alto saxophone | Stockholm Cathedral Choir | Gustaf Sjökvist’s Chamber Choir | Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra | Jeanette Köhn, soprano | Gustaf Sjökvist, conductor